A Christmas Occasional Sale

For those of you in the Twin Cities Area, I wanted to let you know that I will be selling items at the Le Garage Girls Christmas Sale that begins this Thursday (Nov.20, 2014).  This group of gals are amazingly talented and their items are very reasonably priced.   I am so excited to be invited as a guest vendor !  Stop by and get a jump start on your Christmas shopping or get some holiday decorating inspiration!  Make a day of it and grab lunch or dinner downtown Stillwater!

Le Garage Girl’s Christmas Sale

Join the Le Garage Girls for some MERRIMENT and good CHEER!

We will be featuring home-made Christmas stockings,

pillows, ornaments and other vintage finds!

We will have fresh greens and birch to deck your porch!

Christmas Sale

Thursday, November 20 / 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Friday, November 21 / 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday, November 22 / 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Located at:

822 3rd St S, Stillwater, Minnesota

Visit their Facebook Page for more details…

Le Garage Girls on Facebook

Hope you can make it!!!


Kim’s Master Bedroom Re-Painted

We used a Benjamin Moore paint color for the Master Bedroom when we moved in a year ago.  I was not impressed.  We need to be able to wipe the walls…Jones leaves his drool marks.  When we wiped the Benjamin Moore paint, you could see every wipe mark AND the stain we were trying to remove.  Bummer.

This time, we went romantic and cozy.  …and it made all the difference in the world!  Everything seemed to come together with this new color…the curtain rod, the side tables, flooring & art plus I love the whites popping against the dark.  I feel like I can’t even capture in photos how awesome this room is…I am in love and never want to leave it!  Plus, the paint we used was magical.  It covered in one pass so rich and thick that there are no places that we need to remedy after it dried plus it went on smooth and clean with minimal smell.



Paint by Behr Marquee

Interior Matte, Stain-Blocking Paint & Primer

Color: Stealth Jet (with deep base 1453)

Purchased at Home Depot for around $40

Next . . .

1. New White Duvet or Comforter that is bigger so it hangs lower on each side

2. Paint the cove

3. Update the ceiling fan with a little spray paint

A Guest Room and Game Room Beautifully Designed

 Happy November!!  Today I’m going to share with you 2 final amazing spaces from my clients, Amber and Keith’s home.  Again, I can’t take any credit for these spaces as they were done by Amber before we met.  But I just think she did an amazing job with them and wanted to share them with you all.

I’ll start with their 3rd floor guest room…

I LOVE this room!  It is so serene and charming.


I love the bed centered in front of the window.  This can be tricky to do sometimes but I think it works perfectly with the angled ceilings and the symmetry of the room.

And just down the hall from the guest room is their game room and a hangout space for their girls.  With all of the angled ceiling, this can be a really difficult space to work with but Amber has done an amazing job!

Notice the great black and white poster size prints on the wall.  This photos are of each of their grandparents from way back in their glory days!  I think that the large prints really help keep this space feel open and airy.

One of the main attractions is this retro Jukebox that they bought years ago when they were newly married.  So fun!!!

A simple Ikea love seat with some fun pillows add to the playful feel of this space!

Most of the furnishings and accessories you see are from Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Target, and Ikea.  Amber is a great deal shopper, a girl after my own heart!  Hope you enjoyed another glimpse into their beautiful home!!!

Have a wonderful day!!


Liv’s Room

When we moved in, the walls were yellow, there were no doors on the closet and the window air conditioner had been leaking and created a mess in the window, the wall and the carpet.  We replaced the carpet with hardwood floors, painted the walls grey {when we mass painted the house from 5 gallon buckets} and painted all trim and doors a crisp white.  A few months later, Liv did some research on what she wanted her room to look like and we re-painted it.  Here is where we are today …

We are getting there…it is a little bare bones right now but since every room in the house needs attention, it’s little-bits-at-a-time.

If you would like to print the D-R-E-A-M letters, click HERE for the PDF.

Here is a breakdown of the room:

Bed: Cottage Sale, painted white

Side Tables: from Brant’s childhood, painted white and new knobs

Bedding: Target

Desk: Big Lots {yep, great knock off}

Dresser: 2 dressers from my childhood put together and painted {knobs: Pier 1}

Frames: Vintage and painted with gold spray paint from Painter’s Touch

Hangers with clips: Gathering of Friends at Bachmann’s a few years ago

Gold Light hanging: World Market

Light on stand: Target

Drapes: TJMaxx

Pots: IKEA

1906 Kitchen Renovation- Amazing Transformation!!!

 I’m so excited to share with you today one of the most amazing renovations I have ever worked on!  I’ve shared much of my client/friends, Amber and Keith’s home.  But today I’m finally going to share the amazing kitchen renovation that we recently completed in their 1906 home!  They used a local remodeling company name J&J Remodelers.  I’ve have been working with this group for the past year and they do amazing work.  They are the greatest group of guys who care so much for their customers and Keith and Amber’s job was no exception!

Here is a panoramic before picture of the kitchen…

Keith and Amber had done almost all of their home renovations themselves up to this point.  But they decided that the kitchen was not something they wanted to tackle.  After interviewing 5 other remodelers, they sat down with J&J and instantly decided it was going to be a perfect fit.  I was able to work with Keith and Amber throughout the entire process- from designing the layout  to cabinet hardware selection.  They were wonderful to work with and I am thrilled with how the kitchen turned out.

Here are the afters…

Before we came on board, Keith and Amber had done some demo and were ecstatic to find this beautiful brick wall.  We decided to make it a focal point of the kitchen.  The tapered range hood allowed more brick to show.  So much thought and planning was poured into this kitchen which made the end results amazing.

The beautiful walnut butcher block island top was done by a company that I found on Craigslist!!  The company’s name is Old Grove Workshop.

They do amazing work and are very reasonably priced.  I would highly recommend them if you are looking to add butcher block tops to your home.

One of Amber’s main requests was that the refrigerator and freezer be quite hidden.  She really wanted them to appear as cabinets so our cabinet designer at Scandia Custom Cabinets worked out a design that gave her exactly what she wanted!

Sorry if you develop fridge envy after this next pic.  Never knew I could be envious of someones refrigerator until now…

Always have to make room for wine!!

Simple white subway tile and black granite counter tops fit this 1906 home perfectly as well as the beautiful Kohler farm sink.

In an effort to keep all of the counter tops clear of clutter, we designed 2 deep appliance garages on each side of the range to store all of the misc. small appliances as well as the microwave.

And since their back entry walks directly into the kitchen, we made sure to include some great “mudroom” storage cabinets to house all of their misc. items.

So as you can see, J&J Remodelers does amazing work.  If you live in the Twin Cities Metro area and are considering a remodel, I’d highly recommend them!!  I assist all of their clients with the selection process and would love to work with you as well!


J&J Remodelers

Thanks for stopping in at JosieJones today!  Have a great day!!!





admin - This is AMAZING!!! Such a beautiful job!!!!

Kim’s Contest!


Kim’s new line of Gentleman’s products (www.nashandjones.com) is hosting an Instagram contest.  We want to see your beards and give away a FREE shave + beard oil gift set!!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Follow nashandjones on Instagram

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Profiles must be public.  Contest ends October 30, 2014 at 11:59pm CST.  Winner announced October 31, 2014.  You may enter multiple times.

If you don’t already use Instagram, you should!  I am the last one to adopt additional things that keep me in front of a screen but I am in love with Instagram.  It’s not like FB or Twitter…it’s like eye candy.  It’s carefully chosen, beautiful, original images.  The general audience of Instagram demands wow photos and everyone {most} follow that demand and post amazing stuff.  It’s like personalized pinterest for lack of a better visual image.  {no, this is not sponsored by Instagram…I’m just a fan}

Have fun with it!

The Girliest of Girls Rooms

 For the past year I have had the priviledge of working with Amber and Keith.  They have an amazing 1906 home here in Stillwater, MN and have completely renovated it over the last few years.  You may remember their master bath  that I shared a while back.  Well over a few posts I will be sharing the rest of their home with you as it is AMAZING!  I wish I could take credit for it, but it most of it was done before I came on board.  Today I’d like to share the girls rooms with you!

I’ll start with “H’s” room.

I love the color combo of brown, pink, and light blue.  Even with the dark walls, this room feels so light and refreshing.


The sisters rooms are connected by this adorable bathroom room that Keith and Amber completely renovated themselves a while back.

I love that they kept it period correct while throwing in some fun art, rugs, etc. for a contemporary flair.

From the bathroom you head into “P’s” room.  You’ll notice she has 2 beautiful twin beds in her room.  The sisters are just a year apart and are very best friends.  So even though they have their own rooms, they choose to sleep together in “P’s” room.  So sweet!!

Amber had custom bedding made when they lived down south.  It is absolutely beautiful!  I love how it is totally different, but still coordinates perfectly.

Well I hope you enjoyed these darling rooms!  I can’t wait to share more of Amber and Keith’s home with you!  Stay tuned for the 3rd floor family room/ game room, the guest room, and their incredible kitchen renovation!!!

Have a great day!!




The Kid Bath

Could you just kill me for leaving off the AFTER photos??!?!!  Sometimes life gets busy.  Here they are…

The BEFORE photos speak for themselves…

So, let’s rip it apart and start over…

{ Here is one where Brant is teaching Lincoln the remodel business }

To get us by for a while we only cleaned/disinfected and painted.  I painted the walls, trim and cabinet.  It wasn’t good enough and the kids have used our bathroom for a year.  One day, we just couldn’t take it and suddenly there was a cabinet on the front lawn.

Remember this island that came with the house?…

Well, I painted it, added new knobs, sanded and stained the top and sealed it all.  Brant added a sink and faucet and voila…new bathroom counter and storage.

Since the engineered hardwood flooring is so great with moisture, we decided just to extend it into this bath.

We let the kids leave a message on the subfloor when we tore out the flooring.  If anyone tears up the hardwood, they will find these lovely messages for the future.

We added planked walls using aromatic cedar.  It was super inexpensive and it smells awesome in there!  At first, it looked a bit too country with the wood being so orange.  I did some research and made a painting solution of white vinegar and steel wool pads to age the wood asap.  Using a glass jar, I filled it full of white vinegar, I added a steel wool pad and closed it tight.  It sat for two days to chemically react and then I had what I needed to paint the walls with the solution.  It was stinky for a few days but then it disappeared and the aromatic cedar smell returned and the walls had grayed nicely.  This room is not a bright room…almost no light enters and no windows.  It’s hard to see that they planks turned grey.

Glass Sink: Home Depot $100

Faucet: Home Depot $100 {including hardware needed}

Island: FREE

Light: IKEA $25 {plus $20 in extras to hang it}

Paint Color: Mix of a bunch of free stuff

Shower Curtain: It is actually 4 drape panels from Kirklands a long time ago on clearance for $20 for two panels

Mirror: 1940′s vintage lead mirror