Amazing Master Bath Makeover in a Historical Home

I have lived in or near the historical town of Stillwater, MN all of my life.  If you’ve ever been there, you know that it is a beautiful town overflowing with amazing historical homes and architecture.  Recently I had the privilege to work with Keith and Amber who own an amazing 1906 American Craftsmen home .  It was a home I’d driven by a hundreds of  times and I was so thrilled to actually be able to step inside of it and see it’s amazing interiors.  Amber and Keith have done an amazing job of the past several years restoring it to its original beauty.  Over the next couple of days I will give you a little tour of the entire house but today I wanted to share their master bath project that I helped them complete.

Here is the before photos of the space…

And here are the afters!!!

This is the view from the master bedroom.  We found the beautiful pendants from Rejuvenation Lighting.  We wanted to use a mirror that would be quite large in order to accentuate the tall ceilings.  We used a custom framer to have a mirror built to the exact size we needed so we have a one of a kind mirror to go with the one of a kind vanity!

Amber and Kieth brought back this amazing vanity from the Netherlands where the lived for a short period of time.  It is truly a one of a kind piece and is the focal point of the bathroom.

We chose a very neutral yet elegant tile design for the shower, sink backsplash, and floors.  A natural travertine fit the bathroom style perfectly.

Now to give you a look into the master bedroom!

I can’t wait to share more photos of Amber and Keith’s home with you.  The great room will be next!  Stay tuned!!


Client’s Entry and Office Make Over

Today I wanted to share a home I worked on with a client this past year.  This was a really fun project and is a great example of how you can really transform a space and style of a home to make it your own.  My client, Christy, moved into this home loving it’s style and character but was dreaming of the potential it still possessed.  It is a classic saltbox with a deep red exterior and a beautiful paver driveway that fits it perfectly.  Although Christy and her husband lean towards traditional, they wanted to give it a touch of contemporary flare.  We decided to start at the front entry and work our way in.  Towards the back of the house is the kitchen and family room which will be tackled in the future but for now we made the entry, dining room, and office the priority.

Christy and her husband started by adding some beautiful wainscot to the front entry. We then had a painter come in and paint the wainscot,the fireplace surround in the dining room, much of the trim, the plantation shutters, the front door as well as the stair risers Benjamin Moore, White Dove.   Lighting was next…  We replaced the entry light as well as the stairwell sconces.

Here is the entry hall before…

(Notice the high gloss coating on the wood floors?  We had them sanded down to a nice satin finish,)

And here it is after…

Here is the staircase after.  Sorry it’s so blurry!

And here it is after!!

Christy had done a great job with her picture collage so I had her leave it exactly the same, and just added the 2 sconces.

Here’s the foyer light before…

And here is the new light…


//Entry Source Guide//

Wall color- Benjamin Moore, Elephant Tusk

Trim color- Benjamin Moore, White Dove

Ceiling light- Lighting Direct

Stairwell sconces- Pottery Barn

Entry Bench- Nadeau~Furniture with Soul

Rug- Pottery Barn

 Next up is the office.  The forest green had to go!  They already had the Pottery Barn Bedford collection so we added a new rug, come comfy seating, and a new ceiling fixture.

Here’s the office before…

And here it is after…

//Office Source Guide//

Wall color- Sherwin Williams, Sand Beach

Rug-  Pottery Barn, Scroll Tile Rug in Mocha

Desk and Table Lamp, pillows- HomeGoods

Large Art Canvas- Grandin Road

Ladder Shelf- Lowes

Chairs- Sofas and Chairs, Minneapolis

In a day or so I’ll share the dramatic dining room before and afters!  But here’s a sneak peak of the before…

Stay tuned!!!

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admin - Thanks Katherine! Yes, the canvas art was purchased for the redo and kind of was the inspiration for the space. We wanted it very calm, subtle, and neutral with soft pops of color so the blue gave just the right amount. Thanks for visiting!!!

Katherines Corner - Beautiful transformations. Looking forward to the dining room reveal. Love the tree artwork in the office. Was it purchased for the re-do? Hugs, Katherine

Kim’s Kitchen

This is the most important area in the house!!  It is the gathering spot, the main space in the floor plan and the place where we spend most of our time.  We are lucky that the kitchen flows into the dining area which flows into the living room.  We have the perfect social set up.

Let’s Catch up on the Kitchen…

Let’s start with the lights.  First had these lights {this is what it looked like when we moved in}:

There was a plastic Tiffany-looking hanging light for the dining area and florescent lighting for the kitchen.

Once those came down, we had these lights:

These lights are from IKEA and were super cool but just not what we were going for.  Remember my buyer’s-remorse about them?  They have a more concentrated lighting scheme that shines mostly downward, and I didn’t like that.  They were a bit more “diner” looking and just didn’t quite fit in after all.  I was also having a hard time finding a light to go with them for in the dining area.

So now we have these lights:

TA DA!  The kitchen revealed {more photos below}!!

These new lights all came from Home Depot.  The pendants were $90 each and the ceiling light was $50.

Here’s what we did:

1. Removed the old upper kitchen cabinets {free}

2. Painted the old lower kitchen cabinets {see that post here} plus added new knobs {$7 Black Paint + $90 knobs = $97}

3.  Got new Flooring {See info about our flooring here} {$1.99 per square foot}

4. Tiled the walls with white subway tile and black grout {$170 tiles + $30 grout = $200}

5.  Got rid of the wallpaper and chair moulding {free}

6. Repaired + Painted the walls and ceiling using Behr Ultra FULL MOON in Eggshell {$30 per gallon x2 gallons = $60}

7.  Added the shelves {cut and stained Dark Walnut color from Minwax ourselves $35 wood + $10 Stain = $45} and shelf brackets {$10 for 2 brackets x 10 packages = $100}

8.  New Lights $230 {if I sell the old lights on craigslist, I’ll subtract that amount from our running total}

So far, I LOVE this kitchen!!  I have always wanted a kitchen like this.  Right now, I am still organizing and eliminating.  The counters and shelves need a bit more attention but for now all I own is pretty much out and about.

We aren’t done yet…this is what we have left:

1. Add floor moulding {the old stuff was not salvageable}

2. Fix drywall that was removed in Dining area {remember that moldy mess we removed?}

3. Add custom “feet” to lower cabinets to give it a high-end look

4. I would love butcher block counter tops and a farmhouse sink . . . someday

5.  Decide what to do about the tiny space between top tile and ceiling.  Is it ok how it is?  Should we add another shelf to cover it up?  Add moulding?  The problem is that the ceiling is not level by a long shot.

6.  Build a custom framed unit around the fridge.  Right now the fridge floats in the room.  Here’s a blueprint of what I have in mind:

I plan to make a chalkboard wall out of the outside of the left side {when looking at fridge} and a calendar station out of the small space on the right side.





The Kitchen/Dining Area: $635 {didn’t include the window and cabinet makeover because we already counted those amounts}


Kitchen/Dining Area: $635

Main Bath: $272

New Window in the Kitchen: $137.50

Kitchen Lights: $180

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover: $97

Master Bath: $86

Curb Appeal: $45

Office Chair Makeover $11

Total Spent so far: $1463.50

This means, we have $1036.50 left to spend on the rest of the house which includes 4 bedrooms, a laundry room and a bathroom.  Think we can do it?  Well, there’s more tiling and a custom bed involved!?!?!!!

About the Tiling . . .

I am really, really lucky to have a husband who can do it all and it saved us a ton of money.  I am so very grateful that he CAN do it and WILL do it.  Those can be two different things.  He wasn’t so sure about this whole tile and open shelf idea until it was all done.  Now, he loves it.  This is what makes us a great team.  I design and he executes…perfectly.  I hope this post isn’t annoying bragging about my free labor but I guess it kind of is.  Brant…I think you’re great and I appreciate the beautiful job you do every time!


We started at the bottom of the wall and worked up towards the ceiling.  This allows us a full tile at the bottom to build off of in case we get new countertops without that backsplash lip that goes up the wall as in the current counter top.

The tiling project was very cost-effective for us and gave us that custom look.  If you were to hire a tile guy, it may not be so cost-effective.  It is a long, grueling, frustrating and precision process.  Tilers get paid well to do a great job the first time…as they don’t get a second shot at it once it dries.  The tiles have to be in a level line, cut tiles to fit around around outlets/windows/etc, make sure they are flush in the mortar so one tile doesn’t protrude out more than the others and space everything evenly throughout.  You need tile cutters of different sorts, grout tools and mortar tools and a lot of patience.

First you spread the mortar and affix the tile, which took us 4 total days {Brant did it in spurts in the evenings}. We used white subway tile.   The tile mortar takes a full 24 hours to cure.

 Then, you grout.  This job is the worst.  This is a job I was able to help with so I can tell you it stinks.  It is fast paced in order to get it done before it starts drying.  It is also a lot of manual labor to get it pushed in every crack just right and you have to do the entire tiled area at once {meaning this is the very last step once all tile is in place so it was a large area for us to cover asap}.  The clean up after the grout has been pushed in is the worst part.  It is wiping and rinsing the sponge over and over and over.  This takes another 24 hours to cure.

Then, {yep there’s more} you have to caulk around edges and windows and maybe even extend your outlets to come out further to flush with the new thick tile added.

Brant Rohwer - I must say, I give my wife a ‘hard time’ when she comes up with these “projects” for me. But the truth is, Kim knows that I believe in her and admire how talented and brilliant she is when thinking through and designing these ‘projects’. Our home would not be the loving, beautiful and comfortable place that it is for me and our kids if it wasn’t for Kim and her amazing design ideas! Thank you Kim for all that you do!

Ice Storm Eye Candy

The ice storm wasn’t the greatest to drive through but it was so beautiful.  Please enjoy some of the images from our front yard, backyard and driveway the morning after the storm.


Miss Kitty - Amazing photos! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Really incredible beauty!

Vintage Printables

I came across a cool site with royalty free vintage printables.  Below are the flower prints I found on there.

The site is


Dutch Flower Market

I have a confessions…For the past 22 years, not only have I been in love with my husband, but I have also been in love with a painting his mother had in her home.  When it comes to art, I am actually quite picky, but there was something about this painting that I have always loved.  The painting is of a Dutch flower market.  My husband’s family is Dutch so there is sentimental meaning in this piece for me.  The other weekend I was helping her rehang pictures since she had just had her walls repainted.  That particular piece had lost it’s spot, but I figured it would work in her kitchen instead.  But then… she spoke the words I had been waiting to hear for 20+ years,  “You’ve always liked that picture, why don’t you take it home and put in in your house?”!   That’s how she is.  She’d give you the shirt of her back if you said you liked it.  Without a doubt one of the most generous and caring ladies that I know…

So what better a time to share this piece of art with you than during our month of {BLOOM}!

This special piece of art is inspiring a little room refresh for spring… Stay tuned!!!


Stacie - Ahh… Natalie, that made me SMILE :) Beautiful painting indeed!

Blooming Daffodils

Around here the daffodils bloom in huge bunches in every nook and cranny.  They are literally scattered in fields, on the side of the road, near the trash cans, everywhere.  I had to pick a few and do some fun photos with the amazing yellow burst of color.

I experimented with different vases, props and themes for each side table option.

Enjoy . . .

Screen Porch with a View

Well after the longest most harshest MN winter I’ve ever experienced, I am more than ready for spring.  Back in the fall, I worked on decorating this amazing screen porch.  It barely got much use since winter came so quick, but I know it will be the perfect spot to relax in now that the weather is looking greener!

Here it is before I added any furnishings…

And here it is after…

I chose a fun color palette of teal and green, with some wood and metal accents.  We wanted the space to be casual and comfortable,  a spot where kids could sit and do homework, or where a fun get-together could be hosted.  I love how it turned out!

Source Guide:

Wicker Chairs and Lanterns ~ Pier 1

Metal Chairs ~ Target

Dining Table ~ World Market

Round Metal Stand ~ HomeGoods

Area Rug ~ TJ Maxx

Teal End Table and Pillows ~ Apron Chick’s Barn Sale

Here is a quick collection I put together of items from World Market’s 2014 Summer collection that could give you the same feel.  Feel free to PIN or share any pics!